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In 2019, Help.NGO became one of the United Nations World Food Programme’s (UNWFP) 26 NGO standby partners, later ascending to a Global UN Standby Partner Steering Committee role, shaping policy across all UN emergency response activities.

The Standby Partnership is a network of bilateral agreements between various organizations and UN agencies. Via the secondment of personnel, these organizations support the UN in responding to emergency contexts around the world. Help.NGO subject matter experts often work both alongside and embedded within UN agencies such as the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster, the Logistics Cluster, and the UN Development Programme in a variety of humanitarian and development contexts. They stand at the ready for future L3 Emergency response and cluster activations.

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Private & Public Partnerships

Help.NGO works with a number of public and private sector partners to co-develop cutting-edge technological solutions to the most pressing problems facing the humanitarian sector today.

Working alongside and in coordination with private sector personnel eager to lend their skills to emergency response, Help.NGO helps to bridge the gap between private sector expertise and technical solutions, public sector emergency response implementation, and the communities that need it. Whether it be through technical expertise, equipment donation, skilled volunteers, or shared research, private sector partners play an absolutely essential role in what we do.


Our work would be impossible without their support. Please learn more about our partners below: 

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