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Who we are.

Help.NGO is an international Non-Governmental Organization specializing in emergency response, preparedness, risk mitigation, and prevention. Registered as a non-profit in the European Union and possessing a 501c3 equivalency determination with operations across the globe, Help.NGO leverages cutting-edge technological solutions and subject matter expertise to national and international disaster response mechanisms before, during, and after emergencies.


With a focus on implementing complex solutions at scale, we encourage the democratization of use and localization of capacity through research and development, training, and the prepositioning of actionable solutions. Help.NGO is currently one of 29 NGO standby partners of the United Nations, with work extending across operational, strategic, and administrative aspects of humanitarian and development work.



Executive Director ​

Brendan Harvey

Artur Portrait.JPG

Administrative Director

Artur Okonowicz

Adam Marlatt - Portrait.JPG

Operations Director ​

Adam Marlatt 


Communications Director

Agata Klat


Innovation Director ​

Matthew Cua


Logistics Director

Jacob Streijffert


Admin Officer

Klaudia Okonowicz

Marble Surface
Adam Marlatt - Portrait.JPG

Adam Marlatt

Advisory Board



Brendan Harvey

Zac Clancy.jpeg

Zac Clancy

Artur Okonowicz

Board Member

Artur Wide.JPG

Katarzyna Czupa

Board Member

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